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Raj Kumar Maharjan

Razer's Personal Website

Hello Frens,
With the great success of my personal blog site ( I had made my mind, why not to make personal website as I am self CSS Developer. So, finally I had completed my personal website design in JOOMlA Framework. As I am very sure that my personal website makes me to know not only on Nepal, all over the world people will know about me. You are welcome to send your thought and feedback about me and my work. Please check out . Happy Surfing 🙂

Some of Worst IT Company in Nepal

Hello Frens
If you had worked on such worst IT Company in Nepal which have very bad in management or services please let us know. Please feel free to post in this blog donot forget to post why they are worst (REASON). Without reason it’s useless to post. So, relay your experience of worst company to other IT staffs .


Why Yomari was worst IT Comapany in Nepal although they work abroad project.
1. NO Team Work
2. NO working environment
3. NO Evaluation, only relatives and sons & daughters of higher officials are PROMOTED.
4. NO Parties n enjoyment n fun sometimes at alllll
5. NO good salaries…lowest starting SALARY..
6. NO Dashain n Tihar BONUS at all
7. NO Overwork allowances
9. Discrimination


If you are new user for css and would like to make the buttons from css with hover effect. It’s very simple to make Buttons from CSS.


Firstly we need to make html code as shown below. I had keep button into div with anchor along span too. If you are thinking why to use span as we can do without span too. But for standard format of button better to keep span too inside anchor.If you want to keep icon on button then that makes easy in future too.But for now we will not keep icon in the button either any background image. View full article »

Is your CSS easy for another person to deal with? If they want to add a new element to the design, would they find it easy to build on your work, or would they have to create brand new class or ID declarations for each addition?

I’m sure we can all agree that none of these outcomes are much fun, and the less painful it is to deal with someone else’s CSS, the better. So let’s see how Object Oriented CSS have benefits on your project.

Object Oriented CSS isn’t really a framework … but a way of writing scalable, sane, maintainable CSS.Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS) is making a mental shift towards easy maintenance and reuse of your styles, even if it means writing extra HTML markup.

Object Oriented CSS methodologies help you to look beyond your immediate design goals and organize your code so that adding new site content that reuses the same styles in the future becomes trivial. With OOCSS, adding a new type of page to your site should mean that there’s no need to create additional CSS styles or selectors. New page types should be able to reuse existing CSS styles as much as possible. View full article »

Adding Pagination on wordpress

Adding Pagination on wordpress is the most popular way to show the post. Instead of showing the default “Next Page” and “Previous Page” links, Pagination allows the visitors to select which page they want to jump to. This is how to build this function into your WordPress theme.

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As I am a web designer today  I am writing the article about the hope of web designer in nepal. Is there are good scope in the field of web design in nepal? According to my view even though world are suffer from the economic crisis that doesnot effecting in IT outsource Market in nepal.

Many developed country are focusing to outsource the web project in nepal where manpower are cheaper in compering with developed country. So many web designer of nepal getting chance to work of the foreign country. In one side web designer are being hire on high cost on other side web market of nepal was not going on developing because  of outsourcing the foreign project . Web Designer getting chance to develope there skill to competative with the developed country.

CSS Short Code

If you are too boring to code long attribute here we can cut down your coding time

CSS Code :
font-size: 28px;
font-weight: bold;
font-family: “Arial”, Helvetica, sans-serif;
color: #f4f4f4;
line-height: 24px;

Short Code:
font: 900 160%/240% “Arial”, Helvetica, sans-serif;
color: #f4f4f4;


What’s that code?

The order of the attributes are font: weight size/line-height family;
400 = normal and 900 for bold;

Google Adsense on WordPress


Most of the people using Google adsense on there blog website. To implement the google adsense on wordpress themes like sidebar.php we can use shortcode on the editor.

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Hope of IT Offshore in Nepal

IT Offshore in Nepal
Many western companies have already established or intend to make business contacts with offshore service providers in order to reduce IT costs and to gain access to scarce technology expertise. The emerging global offshore outsourcing market offers ever-growing opportunities in international IT services and software development work. These opportunities have been well exploited by countries like India, Ireland ,Israel and Nepal

Offshore IT outsourcing has been an area of growing interest for many companies. IT outsourcing is not a new concept and there are a lot of examples of it in the literature . However, offshore IT outsourcing is a recent fast-growing phenomenon that became common practice for many multinational corporations such as Intel Corporation, General Electric, Ford and many others.

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CSS Buttons with icons

Here we can design the css buttons with different icons. It’s very easy to use and understood.

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