IT Offshore in Nepal
Many western companies have already established or intend to make business contacts with offshore service providers in order to reduce IT costs and to gain access to scarce technology expertise. The emerging global offshore outsourcing market offers ever-growing opportunities in international IT services and software development work. These opportunities have been well exploited by countries like India, Ireland ,Israel and Nepal

Offshore IT outsourcing has been an area of growing interest for many companies. IT outsourcing is not a new concept and there are a lot of examples of it in the literature . However, offshore IT outsourcing is a recent fast-growing phenomenon that became common practice for many multinational corporations such as Intel Corporation, General Electric, Ford and many others.

The growing acceptance of offshore delivery has led enterprises to move beyond lowskill and labour intensive tasks. Nowadays, offshore providers can deliver complex custom applications and advanced Web-based solutions. It is estimated that approximately half of the US Fortune 500 engage in offshore outsourcing of IT work. Many others are planning to follow their steps and are waiting for market maturation

Currently, global outsourcing market is led by Indian software companies. With approximately 80-95 percent of the total software export value. However, a number of developing countries have entered the market and are planning to compete for offshore outsourcing market share. Nepal has also enter in the field of IT Offshore to competitive in the current market. Even though india will be dominating the offshore market in the near future ,Nepal also challenging to provide the IT outsourcing and rapidly growing on.

IT sector in Nepal is developing rapidly and people are competing more in this field. Offshore software and web development outsourcing is more about building relationships based on trust, and mutual respect and most importantly it is one that is based on a target. Customer Satisfaction is our prime target and it is the key that buy us new business. For many, an offshore software outsourcing company should have reliability, quality, and value added services to focus on your core business needs with a perfect team.