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Why Validate CSS

No one is perfect all are being to be perfect so for the beginer designer they always think about why to  validate  the CSS. Is it necessary or not. They think why to validate the webpage if they are showing correctly. But it is very necessary to validate the website because  advanced css coders can get away with validating their work less frequently during development but for beginners it is a must and should be done frequently. In this way, silly errors are avoided and the beginner is also alerted to the fact that they may be using an incorrect property or value.

It’s basically like using a spell checker which will fix your words but doesn’t mean that you can write anything sensible. You still need common sense and to have some idea of what you are doing.


CMS Expo-2008 [Spotlight on JOOMLA]


We know in the CMS World JOOMLA is doing improvement and still doing. In this Winter CMS Expo will be held  at Denver’s historic Brown Palace Hotel on December 4th and 5th. Time is running out for you to get involve in the biggest Joomla event this year in the USA, the CMS Winter Expo!

JOOMLA! will be the spotlight CMS. I’ll be there presenting some great Joomla sessions:

word break with javascript

CSS could not able to get ride with the word break problem. But if we use little bit help of java script then we could get ride with word break problem easily. If u are thinking about compatible in all browser or not then we donot need to take headache on such problem it’s work in all brower like IE/Mozilla.

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onclick textbox show div

textbox effect

onclick textbox show div

If you are interested to display the block or menu when your click on textbox or any link. Here you could show the div onclick event with the help of javascript and CSS. If you want to show multiple then change the ID i.e div1,div2, div3 so on.

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If you are one of those meticulous types who like to follow rules, it
would be better that you do not use the css scrollbar properties. Decorating the scrollbar is possible only in IE browser. You can set colors for all these on a scrollbar using styles. And here are the CSS properties that govern these colors

html {scrollbar-face-color: #FF0000;
scrollbar-shadow-color: #0000FF;
scrollbar-highlight-color: #00FF00;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: #FF00FF;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #00FFFF;
scrollbar-track-color: #FFFF00;
scrollbar-arrow-color: #000000;}

CSS Form

Buliding website with tableless design helps website to keep  web 2.0 standard. In this article I am not talking about  web 2.0 I am here to make the form completely tableless design that’s with CSS Form.
Now we donot need to keep input box into the table field.

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Making a browser compatible website is much challeges with CSS. So while starting your web design one thing we should keep in mind about the reseting the altribute so that all the browser will have same property .

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Thank God Internet Explorer 5 support conditinal comment So we can kick out the css browser problem in Internet Explorer. If you are confusing about how to hack the internet explorer 5 then I suggest you to hack in safe way that’s CSS Conditional Comment. So that we can track bug  in a simply way no need take headache problem. The most beneficial aspect of conditional comments is that you are not relying on browser bugs when using them. When you use CSS hacks that rely on browser bugs, you run into the possibility of those bugs being fixed at an unwanted time or other browsers showing the same bugs.

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Internet Explore 8

Microsoft has successfully launched the Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 has update a lot of facility and improve rather than IE7. So we are here to know about Cascading Style Sheet in Internet Explorer 8. Here are some improvement CSS in Internet Explorer 8

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I’ve been working on this layout that had a relatively positioned element inside a container with overflow.
In Internet Explore 6 /7 it seems overflowing the b element.

Here’s some code to demonstrate the problem:

<div id="container">
    <div id="a"></div>
    <div id="b"></div>

And the related CSS:

#container {
   border:1px solid blue;
#a {
#b {

The key thing to notice in this CSS is the overflow set to the container, and the positioning set to element b. Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate:

Position in IESo here is the solution to overcome from the overflow of b . we have to position:relative; in the container class.



   border:1px solid blue;


Note: For Mozilla Firefox we donot need to position in both element.