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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) makes easy to the web designer and developer . Because CSS can be import form a different files makes easy to control whole web site through CSS. Cascading Style Sheets reduce many unnecessary HTML tags. So lets discuss about more information about Cascading Style Sheets.

Below I am going to break out each one of the parts of CSS and explain them in non-techie terms:

  1. Selector
  2. Property
  3. Value

This is what these three parts will look like when they are all put to together:

selector { property: value }
#wrapper {display:block}


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There are many benefits of using CSS. Maintenance of a Web site made with CSS is much easier compared to the ones which are table based. Aside from being able to make extensive changes with one CSS file, the code it generates makes it simpler to update. With CSS, when you decide to craft a change, you simply alter the style and that element is updated automatically anywhere it appears in the site, saving you an enormous amount of time. Without CSS you’d have edit each page independently. CSS generally requires less code compared to a table based layout, making your code lighter, cleaner and easier to maintain.

Cascading Style Sheets Benefits and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another major benefit of CSS is that it makes your Web site SEO friendly. The reason behind this is simple. Search engines spiders are actually lethargic. They don’t go through the bundles of HTML code to get to the indexed codes. Font tags and tables make HTML code cumbersome, and thus reduce the accuracy of the results.

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