A CSS hacking is basically about exploiting one browser bug to solve another. Now a new browser comes out that solves the exploited bugs, but not the other and people start advocating hacking to be stopped. It’s not that simple. Hacks are wrong (forget what I said in Implement CSS 2.1. The reason they are is that using them might prevent further enhancements to a specification. Something that’s invalid now might be a feature in the future.

Arriving at this point in my little rant I realize that the only point in not updating your site to exclude CSS hacks is that the intentention is probably wrong. Let me explain. Updating for Internet Explorer 7 should not be necessary, in theory it fixed its CSS bugs and besides that _height:1% is now ignored, it also supports your nice method of float clearing using generated content. Except that it doesn’t. And there is the real problem. The day a comment before the DOCTYPE no longer triggers quirks mode I certainly hope they fixed all those nasty little buggers.