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As I am a web designer today  I am writing the article about the hope of web designer in nepal. Is there are good scope in the field of web design in nepal? According to my view even though world are suffer from the economic crisis that doesnot effecting in IT outsource Market in nepal.

Many developed country are focusing to outsource the web project in nepal where manpower are cheaper in compering with developed country. So many web designer of nepal getting chance to work of the foreign country. In one side web designer are being hire on high cost on other side web market of nepal was not going on developing because  of outsourcing the foreign project . Web Designer getting chance to develope there skill to competative with the developed country.

Hope of IT Offshore in Nepal

IT Offshore in Nepal
Many western companies have already established or intend to make business contacts with offshore service providers in order to reduce IT costs and to gain access to scarce technology expertise. The emerging global offshore outsourcing market offers ever-growing opportunities in international IT services and software development work. These opportunities have been well exploited by countries like India, Ireland ,Israel and Nepal

Offshore IT outsourcing has been an area of growing interest for many companies. IT outsourcing is not a new concept and there are a lot of examples of it in the literature . However, offshore IT outsourcing is a recent fast-growing phenomenon that became common practice for many multinational corporations such as Intel Corporation, General Electric, Ford and many others.

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Nepal wants to create image in Software Outsourcing services globally as IT Companies from the house of Nepal are now concentrating more in this area, according to the news. The government’s IT Policy discharged in the year 2000 committed that their country would be put on the global Information Technology map in the next five years time line. Now it is 2008, and it is arguable whether they have achieved that target for IT Outsourcing services globally.

Though, Nepal is not performing it too badly. Now the country has competing operation systems and services with the release of Nepalinux and software service providers are still expecting the IPR regulations will be realized for better Software Outsourcing to Nepal.Software Outsourcing to Nepal There was a declaration by the Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) that a target of software export gains of the country to reach Rs5 billion in the time line of next five years. Though, it is remarkable that Software Outsourcing to Nepal is nowhere near to that target but still country is doing good progress in that direction. Nepali professionals sitting in Katmandu merge aerial pictures with topographical informations to make 3-D topo maps and other arts for IT Outsourcing. This job needs high concentration and accuracy outputs. In short Nepal wants to make impact for Software Outsourcing services globally and the IT companies from the house of Nepal are putting all possible efforts for this cause.There are many companies in Nepal that specializes in internet based applications development from customers in the regions of North America and Europe countries. After commencing small with only five people the organization is now one of few large scale software operations in their own territory. Company’s clients are amazed at the speed at which the developers in the country can meet deadlines and revert back within the given time limits.

Though, for Nepal IT Companies they had faced communication problems initially for the Software Services.Serving Minds is now the biggest Software Outsourcing firm in Nepal and has just shifted into a larger and state-of-the-art area of office. Company has offices in the United States but also has their operations in the territory of Nepal.This way IT companies from the house of Nepal are now gradually coming into the market to serve the IT needs globally. Though, country didn’t get expected success for IT services to the country, but still doing well for the cause of Software Outsourcing.