CSS makes easy to implement the development version. So I am going to give some major things to manage the CSS Files. Many designer have different way to manage the css code as well as css files. In my view we should manage the css files in a simple way to understood to both web designer as well as web programmer.

  1. Keeping the style sheet in one folder named css.
  2. Images should be keep in images directory.
  3. If there you had used javascript for menu, forms or other purpose then keep that file into js directory.
  4. Flash file should be keep in flash directory.

Now we had done the right way to place the files. Now its time to manage the css files. Make import.css file and import that file into the main html file ie:index.html . Other CSS files should be import into import.css

For example:
@import url(“default.css”);
@import url(“reset.css”);
@import url(“razermenu.css”);
@import url(“inner.css”);

Your file structure should like this:

images » images files
js » javascript files
flash » flash files
css » import.css » default.css,razermenu.css